North Berwick Golf Club

West Links - Seniors Open

Monday 2nd October 2023
North Berwick West Links, Tee - Mens - Blue
H'cap Allowance: 95%

This competition is open to any male golfer who is aged 55 years or above on the date of play.

The maximum COURSE handicap for the competition will be 30 (WHS index 27.1).


Proof of handicap must be given either on the day or by email a week in advance.

For those with their Home Club in Scotland, please provide your Central Database Handicap (CDH) identity number the week before play or at the time of entering.

Play is from the Blue Tees and played in stableford format.

Select own tee times

Included in the entry fee: morning roll & tea/coffee, 1 logo golf ball & bottle of water, competition round on the West Links, with the chance to win Scottish Golf Voucher prizes & 1 free pint of Belhaven (or soft drink) afterwards.

The closing date for entries will be Monday 19th September or sooner if entries are full. Once entry is full, your name can be added to a waiting list on request.

When entries are full, a draw showing exact tee times will then be distributed.

There will be no refunds of entry fees once tee times have been issued. 

West Links - Seniors Open

Monday 2nd October 2023, Mens - Blue Tees, North Berwick West Links

(95% handicap allowance)

Thank you to all the competitors in this years Seniors Open.

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Results Points
1stjim gordon(13)  45
2ndIan Downie(16)  42
3rdAlasdair Grant(11) 42
4thDavid Craig(12)  41
5thRichard Nicol(11)  41
6thBob McCalister(16)  41
7thRobin Macpherson(8) 41
8thRonald Nolan(14)  40
9thIan Johnston(9) 40
10thGregor Smyth(12)  40
11thMartin Curry(9) Alnmouth Golf Club 38
12thMoray Hanson(9)  38
13thColin Pearson(10)  38
14thAlex Blair(27)  38
14thAndy Schiller(14)  38
16thPeter Divorty(11)  38
17thBob Gee(9)  38
18thJim F Miller(17)  38
19thDavid Rae(8)  37
20thDavid Martin(13) 37
21stGordon Blair(10) 37
22ndRonnie Mcintyre(11)  37
23rdStephen Sommerville(8)  37
24thJames Shaw(11) Craigmillar Park 37
25thBrian R Harle(6)  37
26thDavid Edwards(18) 36
27thDouglas Tainsh(10) 36
28thJohn Fulton(14)  36
29thJohn Howat(8)  36
29thIan Walker jnr(7)  36
31stArchie Wylie(4)  36
32ndAlex Carroll(12) Stranraer Golf Club 36
33rdLarry Thompson(9)  36
34thStephen J Russell(11) 36
35thGordon Wood(7) Gullane 36
36thGerald McCormack(19) Carrick at Cameron House 36
37thD B Jackson(17)  35
38thTim Kelly(14) Colville Park 35
39thEwan Robertson(4)  35
40thNigel W. Cooper(16) 35
41stStewart A Kidd(10)  35
42ndSimon Turner(15) 35
43rdAlan Cleland(8)  35
44thIan Kerr(9)  35
45thRobert Campbell(9)  35
46thMichael Donnelly(12)  35
47thGraeme W Stewart(4) 35
48thNeil McDonagh-Jnr(2) Elderslie 35
49thJames Willet(12) Glasgow 35
50thHugh A McKay(12) 35
51stRobert Armstrong(11)  34
52ndJames Lang(6) 34
53rdDerek Hall(2)  34
54thRobert Dewar(12)  34
55thAlan R Love(5) 34
56thDavid Taylor(8) Cawder 34
57thAlan Young(5) 34
58thCharles MacKinnon(10) 34
59thRobert Devine(23)  33
60thRichard Coverdale(10) 33
61stMalcolm Bosanko(12)  33
62ndIan Jeavons(8)  33
63rdDavid J J Warren(7) 33
64thmike methven(7)  33
65thRichard Gay(11)  33
66thvaughan lewis hart(18)  33
67thIan Winn(13)  33
68thJim Turner(20)  33
69thJim Quinn(19)  33
70thJ Neely(12)  33
71stW Alan Waite(2) 33
72ndRoderick J Mair(5) 33
73rdPeter J Cowen(16)  33
74thMike Wallace(12) 33
75thBrian Douglas Robertson(14) 33
76thDavid Jeffery(20)  32
77thPaul Neison(12) 32
78thStewart Croll(12)  32
79thRobert W Auld(12)  32
80thStuart Marwick(10) 32
81stAndy Miller(10)  32
82ndLeonard McFadyen(9)  32
83rdAlistair Forrest(16) Douglas Park 32
84thJohn Johnston(2)  32
85thROBERT CURRAN(5)  32
86thGraham Elliot(4) 32
87thAllan Barnett(13) Appleby Golf Club 31
88thSteven Kirk(14)  31
89thJohn Hunter(17) Tulliallan 31
90thGordon Scholes(10) 31
91stAlastair Drummond(17)  31
92ndGlynn Kaye(0)  31
93rdDavid Y Maitland(12) 31
94thIan F Osborne(14)  31
95thMartin McAdam(11) Airdrie 31
96thStewart Anderson(15)  31
97thSteven Grant(4)  31
98thPeter W Fleming(7)  30
99thJames Atkinson(25)  30
100thMark W Dougall(14) Leven Thistle 30
101stKeith Sampson(6) 30
102ndDavid Beveridge(3) Baberton 30
103rdAllan MacKinnon(13) 30
104thMark Reid(20) Falkirk Tryst 30
105thKeith Taylor(12) Appleby Golf Club 30
106thMalcolm Roberts(2)  30
107thGraham Box(14)  30
108thNeil Sanderson(10)  30
109thJames Golder(23) Royal Burgess Golfing Society of Edinburgh 29
110thTom Gowan(10) 29
111thChris Reid(5)  29
112thMichael McHale(17)  29
113thArchie Bennett(19) Kinross 29
114thDennis Hale(17) Appleby Golf Club 29
115thMichael Moffat(7)  29
116thDavid Iain Grice(22)  28
117thJim Menzies(13)  27
118thSteve Baxter(9)  27
119thRob Marriner(24) Magdalene Fields Golf Club 26
120thHugh Murphy(29) Airdrie 26
121stRaymond Wilson(14) Crieff 26
122ndCallum cooper(8) Douglas Park 25
123rdJim Robertson(15) 25

Competition in Progress

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Competition Fees:
  • £10.00 Per Member (Required On Entry)
  • £30.00 Per Visitor (Required On Entry)
Open To: Men
Current Entries: 123
Max Entries: 120

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