North Berwick Golf Club – Seniors Update, September 2017

Just a very quick update as our season kicks off.

The response to Eyemouth’s invitation to add them to our fixture list did not attract
sufficient interest to warrant taking this further. I have no doubt that I, or my successors,
would find themselves scratching around to get a team together for the away match. I was
also advised that, apart from a request to host an extra match having to be approved by a
couple of committees, the match would have to be held in October when we already have
four fixtures.

Luffness New
Well done to the team that achieved a 3 – 3 halved match for the inaugural away fixture at
Luffness. After one match we still have a 100% unbeaten record! I understand that the day
was very enjoyable with fine hospitality.

Team Sheets
Following the Ladies British Open we now have access to the Gents locker room where you
will find entry sheets for Gullane (away) and Goswick (home – sheet will be up by Sunday,
10th). Our seniors season is now well and truly underway!

Wednesday turn-up
I understand this is still under-used.

Applicants wanted!
At the time of writing, nobody has come forward offering to take over from me at the end of this
season. I would be grateful if you could think about this – I will be standing down as convenor at the
end of this season, come what may! Thanks.

Keith Young,
Seniors Convenor

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